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Programming is an integral part of our automation solutions; it is the core of controlling the various inputs and outputs of our robotic systems.

Here are some types of software that we design:

Automation software (control and inspection)

Data acquisition software (visualization and analysis)

Operator screen interface (HMI)

Various softwares on Windows/Linux

LabVIEW-Python gateway code (AI)


We are capable of providing solutions in motion axis control with any type of drive. We have experience with analog drives, EtherCAT drives, and Ethernet/IP drives. We recommend EtherCAT drives for their real-time capability and simplified wiring.

The integration of motion axes is common in our solutions, including:

Linear positioning table

Rotary positioning table

Custom assembly of servomotors


We have extensive experience in imaging control and inspection. Whether it’s at the hardware or software level, we are well-equipped. With the democratization of artificial intelligence (AI), a multitude of process inspection opportunities that were once impossible to program are now within your reach.

Therefore, we offer various types of image inspection using traditional tools, as well as image inspection through AI techniques. Both techniques are combined to increase processing speed and model development.

We have a strong knowledge of linescan cameras. They are highly effective for motion-based inspections (linear or rotational). When combined with suitable lighting and optics, these cameras offer high inspection frequencies while maintaining a clear and high-resolution image.

Detecting defects in advance is a winning strategy!

Services offered:

Camera programming (area, line scan, 3D)

Selection of lighting and lenses

Part measurement


Defect classification

Object detection

Anomaly detection

Continuous material inspection

Guiding systems

Character recognition

Data acquisition and analysis

Data acquisition plays a crucial role in the execution of our projects as it enables us to understand, visualize, diagnose, and optimize our control and inspection algorithms. In projects related to vision, image acquisition is essential for developing both traditional and AI algorithms capable of detecting visual anomalies.

In AI, images are processed like any other type of data, which means it is also possible to develop AI models using different types of data, such as time, pressure, temperature, distance, etc.

Therefore, we offer the implementation of physical and software equipment for data storage. We can adapt to your existing installations or integrate new equipment into your machines.


Although programming is the heart of automation, purely software-based projects are less frequent. Mechanics and electrical components are the senses of our automated systems.

Our range of services includes mechanical part design and assembly utilizing 3D software, motor sizing, the selection of mechanical components and more. Additionally, we offer electrical design services, covering schematic design, component placement in cabinets and component selection.

While we prioritize mechanical and electrical design related to our ongoing automation projects, we are open to design assignments based on our availability.

Integrate reliable technologies into your processes!